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Wiese, Chris

Hey! My name is Chris and I am the founder and owner of PitFit. I began my training career back in 2013 as a studio fitness coach and personal trainer. I have been nominated for multiple awards and have made appearances in a plethora of magazines and on Dallas news channels across the DFW metroplex. 

I am finally able to take a step back from the studio and open myself back up as a personal trainer inside my home gym, PCPT. I focus on multiple areas ranging from HIIT, cardio, strength, and mental balance. My next goal is a nutrition certification so I can help you complete the puzzle that is your health and wellness. 

Check me out on Instagram: @Chrispitfit 

Check out PitFit on Instagram: @pitfitworkout

Book your first class at PitFit for free at: (Code: pitfit)


Wiese, Chris
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